I usually see Checkers on the movies or how people rave about it on Facebook. So I was more than excited when I came across it while visiting Florida! I heard they were known for thier fries, I wasn’t starving so that’s what I decided to get. The menu was full of cheap deals but I just stuck with fries . The fries were good in my opinion they taste exactly like Popayes fries! To experience  Checlers you should go on your next trip to Florida !!!


Sugar Factory

If you don’t know the Sugar Factory is known to be a celebrity “hot spot”  & also known for their  fish bowl drinks that smoke up the glass when the  liquor  is poured in ! 

Let me start by saying we waited 40 minutes to be seated !! May I add my party & I had reservations ! 

Oh! The drink was 30$!! So we waited another 40 minutes for a $30 drink!


(The prices were not on the menu! So I was unaware of the price & no I didn’t think to ask because $30 was not what I was expecting )


Gumbo Shop

The GUMBO SHOP is rated as a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️restaurant & the gumbo has been voted as the cities fan FAVORITE!!



Surprise Surprise !! It’s not actual bbq, with bbq sauce as I imagine. But I heard it was a must have in New Orleans so I tried it. The shrimp was good you could really taste the white win it was marinated in.


Café Du Monde




I absolutely could not leave New Orleans with out getting me a beignet, so what better place to go to than Café Du Monde! While waiting in line at 5 in the morning, all I could imagine is that these beignets taste as good asPrincesses Tianna made them. In all reality they just taste like donuts 😒. Which was not bad just basic. I recommend you get one just to say you had one! Like I did!