Taste of New Orleans

Dat Dog

Really what drove me to this place was the appearance. The restaurant was painted with beautiful colors and filled with vibrant lights.


When I approached the menu I was so amazed by the different meats you can make into a sausage. They had an Alligator dog (which is the one I chose) or even a crawfish dog! After you pick the meat type you want, you then choose the toppings which is far from just ketchup and mustard. Due to the fact we where in New Orleans it was not surprise when I saw crawfish and a Cajun sauce as a topping.

I honestly can not remember what all I put on my dog but believe me it was to die for.


Dat Dog is located on Magazine Street which is basically the artsy district of NOLA

I absolutely  can not wait to go back!

We Dat Food Truck

Ok so I came across this place when I was looking for a good ole “hood plate”. If you do not know what a hood plate is I would love to explain. A hood plate is basically a BIG meal that you get from the hood for cheap. I mean the plate has to be loaded with food and poorly presented. As I searched across Instagram I found We Dat Food Truck. The Instagram pictures looked just right for me, so I headed there.

  1. The location is definitely not in the hood, lol (not a problem)
  2. The menu was pretty basic which is sometime good .
  3. The PRICE was definitely not CHEAP. (but hey we all tryna make money)
  4. Taste was honestly just OK ! I’ve had better!


I got the Wazzam Wings w/ cheese, bacon, and jalapeño fries.

I’m not pressed to go back but it’ll be cool for you to try.



Omg I had so much fun tonight, I really enjoyed myself! The food and atmosphere  was great ! Gators is a Cajun seafood place but on Wednesday they have 50 cent wings and $5 frozen drinks. I would like to go on a regular evening but far as Wednesday it is the perfect chill spot ! They also have a bar , two djs and hookah. (You do have to pay for hookah ). If you want to unwind & have a drink with your girls this is the perfect spot.

TRY THE “Blue  Hawaiian” 😈


Wings & More

Better than wing stop! I ain’t lying!!

Looking for a hood spot 👀 Go to “wings & more ” they have the best wings! Bigger & Better than Wingstop! You can get a 10 wing combo w/fries & a drink for 8-10$ really I just know it’s cheaper than main stream wing places & you get more for your buck!

📍7455 S Westmoreland Rd
Dallas, TX 75237
United States